Real Estate Currently on Offer

Real Estate Currently on Offer


Viimsi Houses

Two new apartment buildings have been built at Nelgi St. 5 in Viimsi. The buildings have been designed by architect Triinu Nurmik, and the construction has been completed in autumn 2018.

Paepargi 50

Paepargi 50

Two new apartment buildings are planned for Paepargi residential area at Paepargi 50/1 and Paepargi 50/2. The buildings have been designed by Peeter Pere Arhitektid OÜ and there will be 107 apartments. The construction will be completed in summer 2020.

Previous Real Estate Projects


Kärneri 2/4 apartment buildings


Nelgi 5 and Hüatsindi 1 apartment buildings

3 2015.2 - Kärneri 6-1 ja Kärneri 6-2 kortermajad

Kärneri 6-1 and Kärner 6-2 apartment buildings

8 2013.2 - Kärneri 5 kortermaja

Kärner 5 apartment building


Kärneri 3 apartment building


Kärner 1 apartment building

Uus-Tatari 12 kortermaja ehitustööd

Uus-Tatari 12 apartment building


Vabaduse pst 185 apartment buildings


Külma 1 terraced house


Udeselja 4 terraced house